Welcome to lady dog Sunny pages

It has been a few years since we brought a puppy of Chodský pes ARON KAMARKO home. We took to him so much we fetched a bitch SUNNY of Dašce seclusion from Mrs Metelková. Happy, friendly, playful SUNNY started immediately to acquaint with ARON and now they are tenacious friends. ARON has a role of teacher and trainer,he has the edge on SUNNY, she is a tireless provocateur. Since their age of 6 months they have been visiting exhibitions together. ARON is a great teacher here too, he shows her how to reach success. And they are successful, no doubt. What is the most important? Still, both of them are happier, more satisfied, OK. Who has an opportunity, don´t hesitate and acquire a friend. It´s said: Two are better than one.